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Live streaming for musicians

Build a community around live jam sessions, music lessons, and ticketed events while earning revenue directly from the support of your fans.

Live streaming for musicians
  • Customize your streaming video platform

    Add your logo and custom media to create engaging sessions, concerts, and lessons.

  • Across any genre or format

    Teach online classes, perform live, produce tracks, freestyle, or share your creative process.

  • Track community analytics

    From your manager dashboard, track number of messages, registrations, and much more.

  • Schedule events for music releases

    Set the date for an album release ahead of time to go live or use a pre-recorded clip.

  • Build a subscription model

    With monthly memberships, offer exclusive content like unreleased music or early access to new tracks or albums.

  • Music students enroll in lessons

    Students can easily follow, continue, and complete courses by seeing their progress.

Sell tickets to exclusive events

  • Schedule concerts
  • Member-only music lessons
  • Live Q&A with fans
Sell tickets to exclusive events

Engage with fans live

  • Answer fan questions
  • Receive instant and support feedback with polls
  • Improvise songs with the help of live chat

Share in revenue with other artists

  • Other artists or fans can be creators too
  • Receive a percentage from your channels
  • Incentivize contributing content
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