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Creator Guidelines

Our platform is a space for exploration, connection, and education. Treat this space like you would a conference hall, classroom, or public park.

Our commitment to creators

Our platform will sometimes include content that is uncomfortable, challenging, and controversial. Our creator guidelines help us to maintain an environment where a diverse range of voices can thrive. Rather than being arbiters of what is right or wrong, we want to minimize tangible risks to our creators and users by promoting an environment of open dialogue, where intention and context are key components of how any content is evaluated by our team. 

Legal Responsibility

Our platform and offices are located in the United States and all users must abide by United States federal law. Using our services means that you accept the responsibility to be informed of any additional laws relevant to your content and location, including local, state, and national laws. 

Our creator guidelines are under the jurisdiction of the aforementioned. We will attempt to not reiterate every law in these guidelines in order to maintain brevity. If you have questions about our creator guidelines, we recommend you contact us for clarifications or discuss these guidelines with your legal counsel.

How these guidelines are enforced

Initiating conversations with creators will always be our first step when a potential guideline violation occurs. 

These conversations will include questions like:

  • Was the creator aware of the existing guideline?
  • What was their intention with the content they produced?
  • Is the creator willing to work within the guidelines moving forward? 

At the discretion of the team and depending on the severity of the infraction, a singular violation or a repeated failure to abide by applicable laws and required content disclosures (outlined below) means that we must reconsider the risk posed to our service and the individuals using it. In rare instances where a positive outcome cannot be reached through discussion, creators may be removed from the platform.

We follow the to enforce our guidelines. Due to the size of our team, we may not always be able to respond to violations quickly.

We define a repeated failure to abide as:

  • Repeating a previous violation after discussing and resolving the violation with the team.
  • Violating a different rule within the creator guidelines after having a discussion with the team about a previous infraction.
  • A severe singular violation or a repeated infraction before having a conversation with the team.

In the event of a guidelines violation, below outlines the resolution process:

  • A guidelines violation occurs.
  • A discussion is opened between the creator and the team.
  • If the issue is resolved, the creator can continue to operate within the platform and the violating content will be removed.
  • In the event the issue is not resolved, the creator will be removed from the platform, their realm will be removed, and they will not be able to create a realm moving forward without additional discussion with the team.

Note: Any attempts to use our platform after being banned will result in the immediate banning of additional accounts.

Unacceptable Content

As we mentioned above, we are is dedicated to allowing all users to express their ideas openly and have freedom over the content they create. That being said, it is important to have guidelines in place to protect both creators and viewers from sensitive content that may not be suitable for all audiences or content that is dangerous or contains violence.

Hate Speech

Hate speech and hateful conduct are not allowed on Realms. This includes any content that promotes or encourages hate toward any person or group of people. There can often be uncertainty around hate speech and expressing opinions on politics and culture. Within any content created on our platform, intention and context are crucial.

When evaluating a potential hate speech violation, we consider the following: 

  • Is the creator using dehumanizing language or slurs against someone? 
  • Does the content call for violence against a person or group of people?
  • Is the content a legitimate criticism of an institution or belief system, or does the context make it clear that proxies or coded language is being used to discriminate against a person or group of people? 

Harassment and Violence

Behaviors that could threaten your safety or the safety of others does not have a place on the platform. This includes intimidation, stalking, threats of violence, and intentionally self-destructive actions. 

When evaluating content for harassment and violence, we consider the following:

  • Is the creator making a joke or hyperbolic comment about violent actions or is the language serious and intended to intimidate?
  • Is the creator threatening another individual within the platform, making a statement about someone off-platform, or referencing a public figure? 
  • Is the content part of a pattern of unwanted behavior from the creator towards others? 

Unauthorized Sharing of Private Information

Preserving the reasonable privacy expectations of others is important. Do not share another person’s private, identifiable information without their consent. 

A person’s private information could include, but is not limited to:

  • Locations
  • Home addresses
  • ID numbers
  • Real names that are not publicly used. 


Do not impersonate or misrepresent yourself as another individual, or as an organization that you are not authorized to represent. 

Live Stream Content Labels

Our platform utilizes content labeling for specific types of sensitive or high-risk content. This allows users to make decisions about the content they engage with. Content that requires an information label must be labeled prior to going live. Please read the following categories carefully to ensure you are ready to provide any relevant information. 

Firearms and Weapons

Firearm and weapons-related content that falls within all applicable legal boundaries is allowed on the platform. This content will subsequently contain an information label regarding the risks related to firearms and weapons and remind users of the legal boundaries of these processes. The intention with this label is to help keep everyone informed as they consume this content. 

Note: We require that any content related to the legal creation/manufacture of weapons is labeled prior to going live.

Nudity and Sexual Content

We want to allow adult members of our community to make decisions about the mature content they consume. Nudity and sexual content that falls within all legal boundaries AND is only depicting individuals aged 21+ is allowed on the platform. Users below the age of 21 are prohibited from posting nudity and sexual content. Though many places list 18+ as the age threshold for adult content, we have decided on this age to prevent the sexualization of teenagers. 

Note: We require that any adult content (including all nudity) is disclosed prior to going live. This content will subsequently contain an information label so that participants are informed before engaging with it.