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Community-driven live virtual events

Your own live streaming and community engagement platform for your creative content and your community’s.

Live stream of two artists creating an illustration together with a poll asking chat what to do next.
  • Customizable virtual event platform

    Add your logo and custom media to create engaging events and videos.

  • Your community streams for you

    Customize permissions to let other creators or community members contribute their own content under one unifying brand.

  • Stream your live event and earn money

    Benefit from shared revenue with other creators, monthly subscriptions, live donations, and exclusive events.

  • Sell tickets online to exclusive content

    Share access to all or members-only with event tickets to your live streams.

  • Send notifications to your audience

    When you go live, notify your users where they are to join your stream.

  • Control your realm and content

    Create channels, videos, playlists, categories, and courses to organize your creative content.

Democratized content creation with channels

  • Your community members are creators too
  • Videos, playlists, categories
  • Share revenue with your creators
  • Notify your audience

Instantly connect with your audience

  • Live chat
  • Polls
  • Question & answer
  • Custom emoji
  • Shoutouts

Earn revenue with a crowd-funded platform

  • Subscriptions, donations and share revenue
  • Sell event tickets
  • Share access to exclusive content
  • Wallet & credits

Teach and sell a course online

  • Individual lessons
  • Students can enroll and track progress
  • Track watch time for events and viewership
  • Transcripts and certifications
Watercolor artist giving lessons to the audience within a course curriculum.

Gamify events and create excitement

  • Achievements
  • Leaderboard
  • Profile badges
  • Quiz viewers

Be in control with advanced manager features

  • Manage users and groups
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Manage realm and channels
  • Set goals
  • Manage credits and payouts
  • Manage your creators
Dashboard with statistics highlighted at the top and a chart graphic tracking number of messages.

Integrations to sync your users and memberships

  • Discord
  • WordPress
  • Patreon
  • Invision Community
  • XenForo
List of platform integrations that can be installed to sync with community software.

What others have been saying

They delivered on all fronts — a customized streaming solution for our educational conference, a reliable live event with no issues, and wonderful support.

Adam Farkas

Adam Farkas

Founder of CEwire


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Free Forever

For individuals with smaller event and audience needs.


No credit card required

  • 100 concurrent viewers
  • 1 realm managers
  • 5 monthly live channel broadcasts
  • 2 hours maximum duration per stream
  • 20% revenue share

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